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My Journal is Friends Only

hello folks,
I have decided to make my journal Friends Only. And I defriended some people too. Sorry. I just need to be more consious of who is reading my journal now. I think I only defriended people that I don't really talk to, or don't really read their journals. If you feel I have made an error, leave me a comment. This entry is not Friends Only. But most of the rest will be.


double GIP

just thought I would make some icons for some of my lesser known boys.
Tim Jones
& Joe Firstman


Check out my other one on my icons list.

matt morris sticker campaign

so i sent in about 9 pics to the Matt Morris sticker campaign today.

Here's a tasteCollapse )

OH there is a pic posted at mattmorris.net in the Sticker Gallery of Tony Lucca with a sticker on him. It was taken when he visited Dayton earlier this month.

I'm too sexy...

For any Harry Potter fans out there...or Severus Snape fans, more over.. I gacked this link from harry_potter.

Sexy Snape


What do y'all think?

yay! new icon!


Yeah I figured out how to do it!!

student of the week...

I was on my way home one day and I came across this signCollapse )
I swear he's entered my brain and taken over! What's a girl to do. HAHA absolutely nothing. It's bliss really!

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today marks the day of my very first LJ entry, just 1 year ago. It went by so fast. A year ago I was rambling about the Striptified tour and my choir performance and some other stuff. Here is a glimpse into my life 1 year ago.
March 5, 2003Collapse )

I was a little excited back then. And I'm still just as corny. :)

So I've been taking some Matt Morris sticker pics today. And I'm getting excited about seeing Tony on Sunday! Also I have a Choir festival at USC tomorrow. Hopefully I can sing. I am going to do our warmups and see hoe it feels. If its not quite strong enough, I probably won't perform so I can save up so sing in our concert on thursday. grrr..I hope I can do both.

Matt Morris Sticker campaign

Here is the latest from Matt MorrisCollapse )

Schizophrenic Review

Here it is ladies and gentlemen. It's my very own Schizophrenic song-by-song review.
continue...Collapse )

What a crazy week this has been. It was GREAT!! :)

paid account

aww i just noticed that my paid account expires soon, march 10. :( I dont know if I'm going to renew it. I do like having alot of icons, and I like the more search options I have. But what other advantages do I get?

We'll see. I Have a little time to decide.


I saw this in a KIIS FM email I got today and thought some of you might enjoy it. :)
Ryan...Collapse )

fan fiction rec.

Hey all you in LJ land. Teresa here with a quick update. I was chattin with my buddy anomaly_kat and I asked her if she knew of any good fan fiction that wasn't slash. She recommended JLBFF. I had heard of it before somewhere but couldn't place it. She mentioned that amyk was hosting it. I had read several of AmyK's stories and loved them. Then anomaly_kat mention the person whose stories were on JLBFF. And it was none other than someone on my friends list pbmaxca. So I finished reading on of the stories tonight and I loved it. I read the first story in the Twist of Fate series, its a story called "Wasted Love." I recommend it to anyone who is a hopeless romantic like myself that loves a good love story.

So thanks pbmaxca for the lovely sotry. I plan on reading some more of your wonderful stories. :)

Heck yeah!

the first time I did this with my username it came up with a really lame icon that didn't make sense. But this one is just FANTASTIC!!!

Your Icon is..... by d3athofs3asons
Your Name
Your Age
Your B-day
Your Icon Is....
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!


grr.. more icons

grrrr...I need more icons. I have so many that I want to use but I can only have 10. well I changed the one I had a little, took some off, added some new ones. eh, it'll do for now.I don't want to buy more...:(

I want to make a new mood theme too.. but i'm getting so busy with school and it takes me some time to do that, yo.

Also, I need a shield to keep me from bidding on ebay. Are any of you suffering from the same "Ebay-itis" that I am? I just can't stay away!

horny symphony

I got this
link from a music majors community.
I just thought it was so hilarious.

Oh LB how long does the Seacrest taping last? I do have to go to class at 5pm that day.. i have to turn in a project...I may be able to get it done early.. but i've been kinda swamped lately.

HP Trivia

hey check out what I won!

It will proudly be displayed in my user info for a while as well. I'm very proud! :)

Go Me!!

Joe Firstman

Oh I bought Joe Firstman's CD on Half.com. It freakin ROCKS! I know of the guy but have never really seen him perform his own stuff. Its a great CD. The mixing on the CD could be better, making his vocals louder, but it is still really cool.

I don't know why i didn't buy it sooner.


Tony Lucca is coming back to LA!!!

Wednesday February 25th
The Hotel Cafe
1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90028
All ages
*Tim Jones also performing*

There was something else I was gonna update, but i forgot in the excitement that tony is coming...for one night at least.


There are some new JC songs in the Promosquad jukebox.

Promosquad is like an online street team for many artists. You can rate music, promote artists, take surveys and polls, and so on.

If you sign up, I think you can say who referred you. I would love it if you said that freakinnuts4jc (me) referred you. :) Thanks!

my family???

This is kinda creepy. Apparently dream517 and I have the same sister, Hilary Duff, but different parents.
And ICK! 50 Cent. no freakin way!

My Celebrity Family by popstarprincess
Your Name
MomMeg Ryan
DadChevy Chase
BrotherJude Law
SisterHilary Duff
Boyfriend50 Cent
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

TV recap

Does anybody here watch the Bachelorette? I only caught the dne of it on wendesday. What is the white rose mean? I thought maybe they explained earlier in the show.

I can't believe Friends is ending soon. Does anybody know when the last episode is supposed to air?
I watched the Primetime interview with Jennifer Aniston too. She seems like such a sweet lady, kinda down to earth. I could relate to some of the things she was saying about herself. Now all I have to do is find a guy like Brad Pitt to marry and find a way to make $35 million a year and I would be just like her. haha

Hmm what else?
Oh did anybody watch Average Joe on monday. I missed it. Who did she kick off? I hope that kid with the curly hair got the boot. He is freakin annoying.

I just realized that I could probably find all the answers to my questions if I just looked on the websites..but I'm lazy, and I like to make conversation. :)

josh duhamel

Does anybody else think he's kinda hot?

Josh Duhamel

Just curious.


sweet dreams

well good night folks. apparently LJ doesn't want to show me my most recent friends entries...i just can't believe there haven't been any since i posted 3 hours ago...uh uh.. no way.

oh well. i'm going to bed.. maybe tomorrow it will be nice to me.

sweet dreams
I was soo sick on Wednesday. I was throwin up all morning. What made it worse is that my bro was sick with the same thing and we had to stay home together. Let's just say that I got ALOT of sleep that day. I could not stand being in the same room with him watching tv. He insisted in making up rhymes all day. Lucky me huh.

So I had to miss the first day of my songwriting class. I was looking forward to that. Now I will have to wait til next wednesday.

I also missed my buddy Joe playing at the Troubadour. I was really looking forward to that too. I know there were going to be alot of industry people there too. It was a BMI Showcase. I'm sooo mad that I was sick.. It just made everything that much more difficult.

I was well enough today though. I went to my History of California class. grrr...my only freakin class today started at 5pm. what a waste of a day.



Oh by the way
FictionLyn is EVIL!!! simply evil!

She's got cliffhangers for days...grrr.....

extremely enjoying reading though..fantastic.

Bring on Chapter 32!!!


hello all

My internet has been out for the last 2 days...err well at least all of yesterday and part of today.

But in that time I made some icons. :)

Ain't he cute?
So I finally made it through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It only took me a week to read. But now that I've read all 5 books. I'm soo ready for more. I love it.

Now the next movie needs to come out. They've got some catching up to do. But I hear that Prisoner of Azkaban is coming out in June 2004? Can't wait.

So the OME Holiday Bash was last saturday night. Me and hubbalance went. We had a great time. We had a great table, right next to the OME crew. We even chatted briefly with Dale's dad. He is such a nice man. Dale is actually kinda cute in person. He is kinda short though. not much taller than me. But they were all really nice people.

I briefly chatted with Tanya the marketing director and told her that I was interested in learning more about the company. She told me to email or call her. So I sent an email Monday morning giving a little more info about myself and what I would like to know about the company (i.e. a job or internship, hehe). Haven't heard back from them yet. But I know its the holidays and I'll give them a little time. They may not even be in the office til Jaunary.

So yeah. I went shopping today. Finished gettting what I wanted to get.. and a few things I didn't really plan on getting, but did anyway. Went to the 99c store to get some stocking stuffers.

I think its going to be a great Christmas. I've been in good spirits most of the month of December. I'm happy to have a family to share the holidays with. I feel bad that some of my friends don't.

I've been a good girl this year, so my hope are high for some great loot. :) Is that bad? Sorry Santa.

fandom drama

There are alot of people out there having fandom issues right now. There are things being said that others are not liking and it is just a mess.

In the words of Rodney King "Can't we all just get along?"

Human nature will draw a person to react when something is offensive to them, whether it is right or wrong. People will express their opinions and it will offend somebody, somewhere. But opinions are not meant to be fair. If you disagree with someone's opinion, please don't jump on them for thinking the way they do. Just accept that there are people out there that may think differently than you do. They have a right to do that.

So what ever was said by Justin err whoever, think what you want, but don't criticize people for thinking something different.

I have always seen the *NSYNC fandom as being full of all different kinds of people coming together because they have a shared love for the boys. But for some reason, when somebody expresses an opinion against something the boys said or did, everybody jumps down their throat. There is no reason for this.

Love what we have in common but embrace our differences. Without differences the world would be a very boring place.

So with that, if it makes any sense to any of you out there, I say goodbye for now. :)

Ahhh...80's cartoons...i miss 'em

You are Butterbear from the Wuzzles! No one really
knows what to make of you. In fact, your mixed-
up personality (and appearance) freaks some
people out. That's probably why you weren't on
the air for very long. You're not for everyone,
but your true friends love your uniqueness.

Which Forgotten 80s Cartoon Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yay! The Wuzzles were one of my favorites!

Dec. 18th, 2003

Okay I'm looking for a fun place to go out to dinner in the LA area. I want to take some friends out for their birthday. Last year we went to Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk. I'm tired of that place.

Do any of you out there have any suggestions???

I don't want anything too expensive. We are all over 21, so it would be nice if it was a place that has good drinks.

I've looked at Pig N Whistle in Hollywood. I think they are a little expensive, but I haven't been there. If you have been there, is it any good? too crowded? too expensive?

I also considered Dublin's. But I know that is pretty pricey. Is is worth the money?

I would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks!

Christmas Party!!!

Gacked from trekster, Thanks Liz!

I'm happy to inform you that the company Christmas Party will take place
on December 23rd at Luigi's Open Pit Barbecue. There will be lots of
spiked eggnog and a small band playing traditional carols ... feel free to
sing along and don't be surprised if our CEO shows up dressed as Santa
Claus to light the Christmas tree! Exchange of gifts among employees
can be done at that time; however, no gift should be over $10. Merry
Christmas to you and your family.
Patty Lewis, Human Resources Director

December 2nd TO: ALL EMPLOYEES
In no way was yesterday's memo intended to exclude our Jewish
employees. We recognize that Hanukkah is an important holiday that
often coincides with Christmas (though unfortunately not this year).
However, from now on we're calling it our "Holiday Party." The same policy
applies to employees who are celebrating Kwanzaa at this time. There
will be no Christmas tree and no Christmas carols sung. Happy Holidays
to you and your family.
Patty Lewis, Human Resources Director
December 3rd TO: ALL EMPLOYEES
Regarding the anonymous note I received from a member of Alcoholics
Anonymous requesting a non-drinking table, I'm happy to accommodate
this request, but, don't forget, if I put a sign on the table that reads,
"AA Only," you won't be anonymous anymore. In addition, forget about the
gifts exchange-- no gifts will be allowed since the union members feel
that $10 is too much money.
Patty Lewis, Human Researchers Director
December 7th TO: ALL EMPLOYEES
I've arranged for members of Overeaters Anonymous to sit farthest from
the dessert buffet and pregnant women closest to the restrooms. Gays
are allowed to sit with each other. Lesbians do not have to sit with the gay
men; each will have their own table. Yes, there will be a flower
arrangement for the gay men's table. Happy now?
Patty Lewis, Human Racehorses Director
December 9th TO: ALL EMPLOYEES
People, people -- nothing sinister was intended by wanting our CEO to
play Santa Claus! Even if the anagram of "Santa" does happen to be
"Satan," there is no evil connotation to our own "little man in a red suit."
Patty Lewis, Human Rat Race Director
December 10th TO: ALL EMPLOYEES
Vegetarians -- I've had it with you people!! We're going to hold this party
Luigi's Open Pit whether you like it or not, you can just sit at the table
farthest from the "grill of death," as you put it, and you'll get salad bar
only, including hydroponics tomatoes. But, you know, tomatoes have
feelings, too. They scream when you slice them. I've heard them scream.
I'm hearing them right now... Ha! I hope you all have a rotten holiday! Drive
drunk and die, you hear me?
The Witch from Hell
December 14th TO: ALL EMPLOYEES
I'm sure I speak for all of us in wishing Patty Lewis a speedy recovery
from her stress-related illness. I'll continue to forward your cards to her at
the sanitarium. In the meantime, management has decided to cancel our
Holiday Party and give everyone the afternoon of the 23rd off with full pay.
Terri Bishop, Acting Human Resources Director

WTF? where did this come from?

Sync-ing to the ‘N’-word?
(12/16/03) Ben Widdicombe New York Daily News

Justin Timberlake and his ’N Sync bandmates have been hit with a $10 million lawsuit in which a former tour manager accuses the boy band of racism.

Ex-’N Sync road boss Ibrahim Duarte claims Timberlake once told him, “You n------ ain’t s---”

Duarte’s Manhattan Supreme Court suit alleges he was fired by the band last year because he’s black.

The complaint, which names Timberlake, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez and Christopher Kirkpatrick, alleges that Bass once “segregated [Duarte] by placing him on a separate bus away from the band” because Bass was “embarrassed” to have his “white friends” see that the band had a black manager.

Chasez told Duarte that blacks “always f—— up,” according to the court papers.

Duarte, who was booted in October 2002, said in a statement: “They threw me to the curb like trash.”

Duarte has a pending Manhattan Federal Court suit against ’N Sync, claiming they owe him $155,000 in salary and expenses.

A lawyer for the band did not return several calls. A rep for Timberlake, who has drawn heavily on black music and is tight with assorted hip hop stars, called the claimes “b---s---.”

Does he really think he's going to get any money?
I can't see any of this being true.
But am I just a loyal fan?
And he's only asking for $155,000???
I don't buy it!


My shining star...

That's all.

Oh I told Mike about Tuesday. I don't think he sounded to interested. But we'll see.


No more finals, no more homework til 2004!!!

although i should be working on my senior project, and finding an internship. I do need to graduate in june! :)


I got this from a few people...

give celebrity4sure more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

Average Joe

What the hell was Malena thinking?!?!?!

spoilersCollapse )

Meowy Christmas

Ain't he just so cute!

Ooooh Yeah!!!

Pure Sex!!!

still up...

hey guess what all?!?! I'm still up...not sure why.

I made an icon. It's only fitting, though. Oooh I just thought of another one I need to make...

new mood theme

yay I have a new mood theme!!!


yay! anomaly_kat got a caption up on Dirtypop.net! you go girl. I laughed my head off. I better go pick it up.. it rolled under the desk. :)

(at least I think it is the same noodler :-D)

JC is Great!!!

I had such a good time last night at JC's show at HOB. I had never been to the LA HOB. It was a great place to have a good time.
Anyway, I never thought I would get that close to JC. I was second row from the stage a little to the right of center.
I was kinda nervous about his upcoming album, but now I am sooo ready to buy it. The songs that hadn't been leaked are soo worth it. He was having such a good time the whole show. I know alot of people have given the synopsis of the performance. Basically, I can't remember all the details of the show because I was so in awe of the man that is JC. He was gorgeous. It's still not even real to me. Even waiting in line for so long, it never really seemed real. I was literally like 3 feet from him. I could see the beads of swert running down his face. Beautiful. And I am so proud that he is such a horn dog. He can be himself and not sensor himself, especially for this late show that was 18+. "He said BITCHES" to quote hubbalance .
Lance was there to support him as well. He was up in the balcony watching his brother show his stuff. I think I saw JC look up there a few times with a little grin. Like something was an inside joke to them. Adorable.

Oh and they said that no cameras were allowed inside... I snuck mine in anyways. I got about 4 or 5 pics taken. HOpefully they come out. I didn't use the flash on most of them because I didn't want to get caught. but i was so close and there was light on the stge.. we'll see. *squee*

Okay enough gushing for now.

I think I may update you all about my Mike situation later. right now its time to go Christmafy the house. :)
Season's Greetings.

late entries

I just noticed that my last 3 entries are right around midnight. and the 4th is like 1 am. I must be staying up too late... or that is just when i'm inspired to write in this thing. go figure.

Okay g'night

Concert Choir

If anybody is interested, our University Concert Choir and Chamber Singers are performing Thursday, December 4 @ 8pm. in the Cal Poly Pomona Recital Hall. "The Joy of the Seasons"

Its a great show. I'm in it. :) I'm an alto in the Concert choir.
Oh it costs $7 to get in and get there early because this show tends to sell out.

Well just in case you needed something to do thursday night. :)


yay! winter!

yay! I made another winter icon!
Thanks to AmyK for the base.

And the boys for inspiration. :)


Welcome to December folks!

I've popped my *NSYNC Christmas album in the CD changer today. It's time to get into the Christmas spirit.
(Even though I've been singing Christmas and Hanukah songs since Sept in Choir in preparation for our concert Dec 4):)

I love Christmas time!

I need a Christmas icon!
EDIT: GIP I made myself a Christmas icon! :)